Plants drooping?
Don't use panda food
Panda Stix!
rot-proof plant support system
made from
recycled plastic
the environmentally and Panda friendly alternative
because they are 'green' they are available in green
and many other colours
Won’t rot, can’t rust, and splinter-free
Don’t harbour nasty bugs and diseases
Panda Stix available in a range of colours
Eric the Panda’s Latest news
February 2010
We’ve added a new Online Shop. Buy all your Panda Stix directly and securely.

February 2009: Making the most of the snow- yet another fine use for Panda Stix...see the nose and wild hair of the snowman and the whiskers of the snowcat!
June 2008: New catalogue, new products introduced, no price increases on the 2005 Panda Stix costs!!! except for new P&P zone rates ( postal rates have increased substantially over the last few years- its not our fault we didn’t vote for them. E-mail us now for your free catalogue.
new fluorescent colours available
Jan 2008: New colours made to order- we can now make pink Panda Stix at the same price and fluorescent green and fluorescent orange at a 20% premium.
June 2007: Jonam Composites Ltd have taken over the manufacture and selling of Panda Stix.
Panda Stix available in a range of colours
Your Guide to the Panda Stix website:
All about Panda Stix - description of your Panda Stix-colours, lengths, and features
 Just Stix: Prices for just plain Panda Stix
Panda Stix kits- Panda Stix with special bits- kits for wigwams, tripods, and amazing contraptions to support your floppy plants, protect your pond etc etc
Constructing with Panda Stix- grow frames, ridge structures, and covers for your ponds using Panda Stix, Super Panda Stix and Build-a-Balls
Just the bits for your Panda Stix lots of widgets & accessories such as cane caps and pot doodads
Ordering Your Panda Stix direct from us-the manufacturer in the UK