Just the Stix

We sell Panda Stix on their own, as part of a kit or in bundles. Panda Stix are available in three different diameters: thin-8mm, thick-10mm, and now new Super-12.5mm/ 1/2inch. These are available in lengths from 0.46m/1.5ft to 2.4m/8ft to support all your plants from the daintiest pot-plant to your most vigorous runner bean. You can even mix your colours and still get your bulk discount!
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Prices for Just your Panda Stix in GB£
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VAT included at UKs standard rate of 20%, please remember to add P&P
For more information on buying your Panda Stix go to the ordering page or buy now using the online facility below.
For your thin Panda Stix (8mm diameter)
single thin Panda Stix
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thin Panda Stix - 50 packs
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For your thick Panda Stix (10mm diameter)
Single thick Panda Stix
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Thick Panda Stix 50 packs
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For your Super Panda Stix
Due to manufacturing difficulties, whilst we are settling in we cannot produce Super Panda Stix (12.5mm diameter) for the time being. We have only a very limited range in stock so for the time being please telephone before ordering Super Panda Stix. We will recommence production hopefully very soon. We apologise for any inconvenience caused
Coming back soon
Single Super Panda Stix
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Super Panda Stix 50 packs
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Not sure what to get? Then try the Garden Mix:

10 x 3ft thin
5 x 4ft thin
5 x 4ft thick
5 x 5ft thick
5 x 6ft thick

All for only £32.50 in your choice of colour or mix of colours
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Panda Stix garden mix
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All prices include VAT at 20%, the UK standard rate Remember to add postage and packing - Panda Stix are dispatched by overnight courier: Postage and packing is now £11.95 for the UK mainland for all orders under £100 and £5.95 for orders from £100 to under £150 . Postage and packing is free for all orders over £150 in the UK mainland. Please call for a quote for Highlands and Islands and elsewhere in the world. Pick up can be arranged on request.

Panda Stix are compatible with special doodads to make snap together kits Click on them for more information: Wigwams, tripods, and twister kits Full range of bits for your Panda Stix - pot doodads, triangles, widgets for your shrubs, caps, etc. ways to construct mini grow frames, fruit cages, using build-a-balls and other widgets