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Not sure what to get? Then try the Garden Mix:

10 x 3ft thin
5 x 4ft thin
5 x 4ft thick
5 x 5ft thick
5 x 6ft thick

All for only £32.50 in your choice of colour or mix of colours
Panda Stix garden mix
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Black Ultra Stix

for your delicate plants
Special Offer only while stocks last

Special thin carbon fibre reinforced Stix with a splinterproof thin coating. They have an oval cross-section of 3.9mm by 2.2mm making them ideal for pot plants, supporting orchids etc.
Currently available in 2 lengths of 285mm/11" and 570mm/22" long and only available in black. They can be cut to length using wire cutters.
Black Ultra Stix
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